Speak up for B.C.'s fantastic old-growth forests.  


Old-growth forests are one of the natural features that make B.C. special.

Our old-growth forests, including those in British Columbia's globally unique inland temperate rainforest, are extremely productive places that provide important habitat for endangered mountain caribou, wolverine, and grizzly bears, plus a vast array of rare bird and plant life.  

Current forestry rules and regulations under B.C.'s Forest and Range Practices Act are not working to protect the sustainability of these one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, structurally and ecologically complex forests. These old growth trees and unique habitat are ours to keep. We can only keep what we have intact, today. 

Recently a government-appointed panel released its findings in 'A New Future for Old Forests,' advice to the B.C. government on how to address some of these issues. Many people engaged in this process, showing that communities care about their forests and want real response from the provincial government on this important resource. Will B.C. listen and act? 

Add your support to our petition to help protect these ancient giants. The habitat, wildlife and people living in and near the inland temperate rainforest depend on it. Tell B.C. you want strong action to protect our old growth, including the inland temperate rainforest.

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ATTN: Premier of British Columbia and the B.C.'s Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

British Columbia's old-growth forests provide important ecological resources that clean and filter our air and water, supporting biodiversity and human communities. They are places for cultural experiences, spiritual values and mental well-being.

These forests provide food, water, fuel, medicines, timber, recreation and tourism opportunities. They are also key for sequestering and storing carbon in the forest floor and inside ancient trees. During significant wildfire smoke events of recent summers, old-growth forests were a place for many to seek clean air.

I ask you to protect the old growth in imminent danger of being logged. The places highlighted for deferral in your government’s September 2020 announcement are not at threat of timber harvest. Our most endangered and valued old growth trees are still at highest risk of being logged and deserve full protection.

Please take real action to permanently protect our highest risk productive ecosystems and update rules for industry to maintain mature and old-growth forests.

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