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Week of February 02, 2024
This is your weekly digest of conservation news stories from national, regional and local newspapers with a focus on the Yellowstone to Yukon region.

Illustration by Simone Williamson (The Narwhal)

Top story

The Narwhal | When epic ski trips and caribou conservation collide

Though all kinds of recreation can affect wildlife, heli-skiing has become a unique point of contention in B.C. For years, biologists have asked the industry for more detailed data about their operations to better understand how heli-skiing affects caribou and — importantly — how to limit any ill effects.

For caribou, these motorized intrusions into their winter grounds can be more than a minor irritation. Alert to potential dangers, caribou may stop eating, missing out on much needed calories, Wildlife biologist Aaron Reid says. Or, they may flee, expending energy they can’t afford to waste.

Science and knowledge

For centuries, Indigenous scientists have had to adapt to, and develop fluency in, western modes of knowledge making. It’s now western scientists’ turn to learn from, and respect, Indigenous science. Read more >>

A new study indicates that finding ways to preserve areas with concentrations of plants used by humans, and traditional knowledge, must become a priority for the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. Read more >>

In this study, researchers used the GPS locations to characterize how mule deer were moving across the landscape and compared this to vegetation availability, artificial light, and development in the study location. Read more >>

More news worth reading

Call of the mild: How are local wildlife coping with the unusual winter? Read more >>

Legislators ask Montana Department of Transportation for wildlife crossing priority locations. Read more >>

Becoming 'bear smart': Bozeman explores how to prevent conflict in bear country. Read more >>

How scientists in Montana are tracking two of the most elusive carnivores in the US: lynx and wolverine. Read more >>

Family farmland east of Kalispell, Montana, permanently protected. Read more >>

Cold weather in Alberta, control work 'crushing' mountain pine beetle populations. Read more >>

As glaciers melt, potential salmon habitat in Alaska and British Columbia collides with outdated mining laws. Read more >>

‘We’re writing our own story’: four Manitoba First Nations sign historic conservation agreement. Read more >>

Careers in conservation

Executive assistant for conservation financing - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
Deadline - Until filled

Conservation decisions postdoctoral research fellow - Carlton University
Deadline - Jan. 30, 2024

Linear infrastructure ecology program director - Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Deadline - Feb. 20, 2024

Events and activities

Landscape conservation webinar series
Starting Jan. 31, 2024 - Details

Protect Our Winters Bow Valley presents: Changing mountains
Jan. 31, 2024 in Canmore, AB - Details

Youth environmental changemakers summit
Mar. 27 - 31, 2024 in Squamish B.C. - Apply

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Header illustration: By Simone Williamson (The Narwhal)